As a Los Angeles County Shelter volunteer for 7 years & hairstylist of 25+ years, I knew I needed to do more for these poor, helpless animals. I combined my love for hair and animals and started developing Fig & Star in early 2019.  I launched online in March 2020 with partial proceeds from sales being donated to rescues and to pay pull fees. Trying to help save as many as I can!

See the highlight "Animal" section on our IG @figandstarbeauty for more photos and info!

Thanks for the support!

Much Love - T

* I Stand With My Pack: Paid pull fees for four rescued dogs. Cowboy, Artemis, Oliver and Ringo.

Delaney Dog Rescue: Donated for senior dog Chocolate

* Purposeful Rescue: Donated for the rescue of Daphine from LA County Castaic Shelter 

* Spari Rescue: Donated for Stella

* Canine Castaic Camp (Elsa): Paid $750.00 for Elsa's vet bill

* Golden Years Dog Sanctuary:  Hera's freedom!

* Healthcare For Homeless Animals: $150.00 donation 

* Heal My Heart Rescue: Product Donation

* Golden Years Dog Sanctuary: $550.00 

 * Kira Rescue: Donation

* Healthcare for Homeless Animals: Xyla

* Northwest Boxer Rescue: Littles and Rosie's Freedom! 

* Stand Up For Pits: Product donation worth $150.00

* Golden Years Dog Sanctuary: Donation

* Underdog Hero's : Donation for Rocco

* A Purposeful Rescue: Paid pull fees for Rose, Iris, Butch, Winter

* Yearly donations for OLPH Catholic School in Newhall